Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anyone interested in buying a house in Thrissur?

Yup, there's a cool offer too from G4 Developers - Thrissur on their new project 'Acropolis' for a limited period. The builders are known people and have done quite a number of good projects till date. For priority and reference, you may quote Mr.Ramdas R Warrier (Secretary - VSM, Chennai).

A few details are available on the leaflet below. For further details, you may contact the number/email id in the brochure.

Monday, October 11, 2010

VSM's Onaaghosham...

It was a colorful evening on Oct 3rd 2010 (Sunday) when Warriers from different corners of Chennai and different walks of life came together to re-live Onam in its entirety. Do click the link below to get a feel of how it went. And to all who participated - YOU ROCKED!. Thanks for the support and blessings, without which the event could not have been a success. I request all to log-in and become a follower of this blog and increase our strength.

A few pics have been displayed here. Click the link below to enjoy the album -

VSM Onaaghosham 2010 - Photos

Looking onto bigger plans next time...