Saturday, February 26, 2011

Videos at last...

Finally...(as Ashok-ettan puts it...) the individual video files of Annual day performances are ready and uploaded in youtube in our profile - vsmchennai.

To view, go to youtube and search for vsmchennai OR copy-paste the link below:

Also find the link to a few screenshots of the day's programs. Well, don't expect professional photography here; far from it, they are just screen-shots and the member who identifies each face in every photo will be recommended for guinness world record!

Annual Day 2011 - Screenshots

Friday, February 18, 2011

Annual Day 2011 - Drawing Competition

I know its been quite some time we had our annual day and posting it on our blog took some time, but I'm finding it difficult to cut the video and split it into individual performances. So till I am done with that, we can appreciate our kutti-talents who did some splendid job in the drawing competition. Meanwhile if anyone can offer me help cutting the video and posting it on our youtube profile I'll be glad :-)

Click the link below to view the album...

Annual Day 2011 - Drawing Competition