Tuesday, September 28, 2010

History of VSM Chennai

Well, things look funny when we expand our name - Varier Samajam Madras - Chennai!

...but then, names are names and a registered name should retain the same especially since we are so used to using VSM as an abbreviation.

Registered on 07/10/1983, inaugurated formally on 13/10/1984 with the first President Sri.M.R.Ramachandra Warrier and a membership strength of 112, VSM has come a long way witnessing changes and developments and adapting to the same. The 25th year marking its Silver Jubilee in 2008 was celebrated with a volley of  colorful and lively events at Asan Memorial Hall - Egmore, Presided by Sri.Ashok Kumar Warrier. Thanks to the support and inputs of members, we still exist and that too with quite a good strength and repute.

Looking forward, lets put together those idle time of ours (even a minute counts) to do our little bit and see this group grow and flourish, so that at one point, its the Samajam that helps us grow and flourish!

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