Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vote of thanks

Dear All,

Though we all had a fun-filled evening on 30/10/2011 celebrating Onam for the second time this year, time ran out fast and the food-call was so alluring that we inadvertently missed the vote of thanks. This is a rare phenomenon (as rare as VSM missing Onam celebrations or Annual Day!)that may happen once in a blue-moon and I personally apologize to all those generous hearts whose presence, participation and generosity made the evening so enjoyable.

Let me now show my deepest appreciations, gratitude and acknowledgments to the people/organizations who/that gave us the wonderful evening.
I bow to the generousity of our sponsors:
M/s Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala - Rs.5000
M/s Flyjac - Rs.5000
Sri Mohanan - Rs.3500 (towards gifts)
M/s World Confederation of Warriers - Rs.1001
Sri Sarath Chandran - Rs.1000
Sri A V Unnikrishnan - Rs.500

I congratulate:
The cultural committee for having done a wonderful job of spotting, bringing together and preparing the performers, and all the participants for giving us the pleasure of enjoying their performances.

I appreciate and thank:
World Confederation of Warriers for representing itself through Mr T V Ramachandran (President) and Mr Suresh Warrier (Secretary) and having given a description of what WCW stands for and what it aims at.

I applaud for:
The people who took time and effort and made attending our program a priority for the evening and also for applauding and encouraging our performers and participants of various competitions.

Last but not the least, I celebrate:
Being one among an able and energetic group of executive committee members to have been able to discuss, plan, organize and participate in the program for everyone's pleasure.

Looking forward to having more memorable evenings with our members in future,

Thanks and warm regards,
Ramdas R Warrier

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