Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tour plan for VSM members & family

Dear Members,

A few excerpts from the meeting held at Sri. T V Ramdas's residence on 08/01/2012 is being communicated so as to involve maximum number of members into our plans for this year...

1) It was unanimously decided to not have annual day programs this year due to last year's onam celebration being held on October 30th and thus not having enough gap between two programs. Also the time available to conduct one this month or in February will not yield good results due to lack of participation (exams and lack of time to practice).
2) Instead the committee agreed upon organizing a tour/outing in the month of February 2012. Since an outing of more than a day is difficult for many, a one day outing to Dakshinchitra (on East-coast road after toll. The place is the model of a miniature south-India consisting of concept based on real houses, unique features of each south-Indian state like stalls, road-side vendors, cultural displays, etc) has been proposed and accepted by all to be had on February 5th 2012.

Members who are interested shall communicate their willingness along with the number of people from their side, by 17/01/2012 so as to plan for appropriate vehicle, food and other arrangements. The average per-head expense shall be around Rs.500 - Rs.600, though the actual figures can be calculated only based on participation.

I also use this communication to let our senior members know that subsequent to revision of life-time fee from Rs.500 to Rs.1000, some of our members have voluntarily paid and a few others have proposed to pay the difference amount of Rs.500 purely on their own willingness. Samajam would like to applaud and appreciate the gesture of these members and also keep the option open to other members who are willing to voluntarily make the same gesture which will in-turn help VSM to be run better.

Looking forward to replies from all the VSM member recipients of this mail...

Ramdas R Warrier
Secretary - VSM Chennai
95000 65785

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